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Black History Month


Dayna Francis - ‘Black and British’? (Verses 7-10)

Black and British’ should not be a thing,
It should be you, me, him, her, them and they,
But people look to your colour and country for your story,
And assume they realise your inner glory.

Because the different views we put on others
Can actually form these races and cultures,
And as beautiful as embracing all of that can be,
It takes us away from you being you and me being me.

We found beauty in division- how do we fix that?
It is a challenge, there is no hiding from that fact,

All I know is it will take the minds of those in charge,
To allow our rigidsystems to open their arms.

What is Black History Month?

Black History Month is a time for reflection and positive changes for the future. During the event, people can celebrate the outstanding contributions that Black people have made to society across the globe, both today and historically.




What are the origins of Black History Month? 

Black History Month originates from the United States, dating back to 1915. This happened half a century after slavery was abolished, by the United States’ Thirteenth Amendment Law.It was during this year that Minister Jesse E. Moorland and Carter G. Woodson founded an organisation.

Black History Month provides great opportunities to reflect on the key moments in history and in today’s society. It’s important to celebrate the contributions of everyone to our communities, and support the multiculturalism and diversity that shapes them. It can highlight any inequalities that Black people are facing, and work towards shaping a better future for all.  

It is also important to note that this October is not the end of this topic as it is embeded in learning throughout the year at Future First School.