Future First Independent School


Future First School is an independent school for pupils aged between 13–18-year old’s, which aims to be as accessible as possible to boys and girls who would benefit in a smaller learning environment. 


Future First Independent School works with pupils who may be:

  • Permanently excluded or at risk of this
  • Pupils with and EHCP with behaviour, emotional and/or social difficulties
  • Anxious, depressed, school phobic
  • In care with no school place
  • Remanded by the courts
  • Struggling with learning and faced with a multiplicity of challenges
  • Newly arrived in the community


In order to process some admission enquiries, an appropriate referral form and risk assessment will need to be completed. and if they have one, a child's EHCP to determine whether or not we can meet needs and ideally a consultation from the relevant Local Authority.

If you are interested in making a referral to our school, please contact us directly on:

General Enquires


Hockley Port, All Saints Street, Hockley, West Midlands, B18 7RL


0121 551 4837



Head Teacher